Cycle tours on Moselle river - 2024

German and international bike tours in the wine country

Cycle tours on Moselle river

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Cycle tours on Moselle river by boat & bike

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Our tips for your cycle tours on Moselle river:

German Moselle Perl - Trier - Koblenz
7 days/6 nights leisurely from 529 €

International Moselle Metz - Trier - Koblenz
7 days/6 nights active from 729 €

Trier based in 1 hotel - Moselle, Saar & Kyll
7 days/6 nights leisurely from 599 €

Short Moselle Bike Tour Trier - Cochem
5 days/4 nights leisurely from 359 €

The Moselle rises at the village of Bussang on the western side of the Vosges and flows into the Rhine in Koblenz. A bike tour along the Moselle on signposted bike paths is possible from Metz in Lorraine and leads across French, Luxembourg and German territory. Most cyclists, however, explore the Moselle Valley proper between Trier and Koblenz, although beautiful route extensions can also be planned from Luxembourg City, from Saarbrücken on the Saar Cycle Path, or along the Rhine.
The region is characterized by steep vineyards, more than 120 wine villages and historic cities like Metz and Trier. A bike tour on the Moselle Cycle Path is flat and well suited for everyone from racing cyclists to families.

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Cycle tours on Moselle river - Bernkastel

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